Let's Rock the Outdoors!

Redefine Tailgating

Gathr Outdoors believes a tailgating event transcends the weather conditions, venue locations, and the time of year. It's about creating an experience, where people come together to celebrate their shared passion. Gathr Outdoors has all your gear needs to make this experience one to remember and plan for next.​

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Comfort from the Sidelines

Watching sport activities from the sideline is an experience where you are fully immersed in the energy and excitement of the action. Whether it’s cheering on young athletes kicking a soccer ball or adults tossing a perfect spiral, you're right there, close to the heart of the action. To ensure the best view and atmosphere, you arrive to claim the coveted prime spot, where you can set up your space for comfort. With Gathr Outdoors providing you the essentials for comfort, you're all set to revel in the thrill of the event and show your unwavering support.

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Entertain the Outdoors

Gathr Outdoors wants you to get outside and create new experiences. Regardless the time of day, it's an opportunity to create memorable moments amidst the natural beauty of the outdoors. With Gathr Outdoors' brands offering a comprehensive range of essential products, your event is poised to truly be exceptional. As the host, you set the stage with the perfect ambiance, and Gathr Outdoors provides the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your outdoor gathering is a standout success.​

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Reinventing a Day at the Beach

GCI Waterside chairs are designed with ease-of-use and innovative features to make your trip to the beach a stress-free relaxing experience. Whether you’re looking to rock, recline or stay in the shade, there’s an option to suit your need!

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